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Newly added features make VMX POS better than ever!

Posted on April 3, 2019 · 6 min read
Updated January 5, 2020

We've recently developed some amazing new features and want to share a few with you.

iContact Integration LIVE

Our iContact Integration automatically syncs your contact data to iContact, so that your email lists are always up-to-date. Never manually export and upload your email list again!

QuickBooks Online Integration LIVE

With your new QuickBooks Online Integration VMX POS will easily sync Bills, Expenses, Vendor Credits, Deposits, and Journal Entries for Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory Variance, Gift Cards, A/R and more! No more manual data entry!

Also, you can use our QuickBooks report to automatically compare all QuickBooks balances to VMX POS in one place, so you can be sure your books are balanced to the penny.

Item Attribute Search LIVE

Using the attributes from the Item Catalog, users will be able to enter attributes or ranges of attributes and the POS will show any matching items you carry. Garden centers using our website solution will also be able to provide this attribute-based item search on their websites.

Electronic Order Submission LIVE

Imagine being able to submit your purchase orders to venders right from the POS, without having to export, print, scan, fax, or re-enter your line items. You can email, fax, or electronically submit (EDI) your order with the click of a button — and have the ability to submit order notes as well. The POS will track when and how the order was submitted, a copy of the submission, and who submitted it. Then, you can easily and clearly re-submit orders when needed.

Local Weather Integration LIVE

The garden center industry is so dependant on the weather, it's hard to interpret sales data and plan scheduling & ordering without readily available, accurate weather data. We're going to make it easier than ever by integrating local weather data into the POS. Imagine having temperature and percipitation overlaid on sales graphs and reports! Set warning levels when the nightly low is expected to dip below a predefined threshold. Mesh temperates and percipitation to auto adjust the itegrated irrigation model!

Acumatica Integration LIVE

With your new Acumatica Integration VMX POS will easily sync Bills, Vendor Credits, Deposits, and Journal Entries for Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory Variance, Gift Cards, A/R and more! No more manual data entry!

Homebase Integration LIVE

The new Homebase integration allows VMX POS to automatically push daily sales data to Homebase and pull live labor information from Homebase to quickly display GAP, Labor $, Sales/Labor Hour, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what we've been up to! Let us know if you're interested in seeing more. We love getting to show what we've built!

Andy Hanna
Written by

Andy Hanna

Founder, VMX

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