2023 Road Map

A look at what's coming.

Posted on September 17, 2022 · 7 min read

We have some powerful new features in the pipeline and want to share some of them with you.

Item Catalog IN BETA

We have been busy for the past 6 months building a comprehensive catalog of garden center products, including images, vendors and attributes such as mature size, evergreen/deciduous, annual/perennial, bloom/color, season, etc. Not only will you be able to use this catalog to provide rich content about the items you sell, but it is also a key requirement in several other upcoming features below.

Integrated Vendor Availabilities IN ALPHA

We are working to add support for import specifications for common vendor availabilities. Not only will the POS recommend what needs to be ordered and be able to submit it, but it will soon be able to tell you which vendor has it, at what cost, and any notes the vendor provides about the item.

Sign Maintenance & Printing LIVE

We are building support for maintaining and generating product signage directly from product attributes. We will have the ability to indicate which products have signs that have attributes (like price) which have changed since they were last printed, so they can be automatically reprinted with the next batch of signs.

Direct Tag Printing LIVE

We have always supported printing via label designer software like NiceLabel™, but we are exploring the idea of taking out the middle-man and printing directly to your printer. This will greatly improve the tag/label printing workflow by allowing the POS software to know exactly which tags were actually printed, when, and by whom. The POS could then automatically log that the tags for an item or order were printed, when they printed, and who printed them, so as to minimize double (or no) tagging.

Task Management IN BETA

There are many todo list apps out there, but we wanted to support the kind of tight business integration, synchronization, and management that we can only provide by building a custom smart task management system into the POS.

Every user has their own set of tasks that were either assigned to them by another user, delegated to them, or were automatically created by something they did in the POS. For example, receiving an order will create a task to call/email each customer who requested an item on that order. Checking off such a task will automatically change the status of the customer request.

Customer Facing Display IN DEVELOPMENT

A new method is being developed to show live point-of-sale data to the customer during the transaction. This should reduce errors at checkout.

Cash Drawer & Receipt Status IN DEVELOPMENT

We are developing the technology to detect and display "low" or "no" receipt paper status from the receipt printers, so you can be sure you have plenty of receipt paper to meet demand.

As a security enhancement, we are also working on the ability to log any time the cash drawer is opened manually (e.g., by use of a key), rather than automatically via the POS. Such a log can be easily combined with security camera footage to monitor and minimize theft.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what we've been up to! Let us know if you're interested in seeing more. We love getting to show what we've built!

Andy Hanna
Written by

Andy Hanna

Founder, VMX

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